T2S Online Ordering Features to Utilize Vol. 02

Your online store is set up, but are you taking advantage of the best in Ecommerce features and functionality? In this blog post we will be discussing the value behind utilizing Promotional Banner Ads and Up Sells/Cross Sells. We will also be reviewing the benefits of Automatic Order Reminder Emails and Google Analytics.

Promotional Banner Ads & Featured Products

Promotional banner ads and featured product sections are very useful online ordering features that should be taken advantage of. Promotional banner ads use the free space on your website to advertise products of your choosing. You can feature banner ads sent from your favorite vendors, banner ads created by your marketing team, or let us know which product you’d like to feature and our Online Ordering team can create a promotional banner ad for you! Promotional banners can be used to increase brand awareness, promote seasonal products or keep your customers informed on services offered or policy updates. Our Online Ordering customers have seen an average of 1 in every 10 orders adding the promoted product to their shopping cart


Cross Sells/Up Sells

Cross sells and up sells are other ways to generate more sales. Personalize your customers’ experience and enable them to leverage a total solution with cross sells. Increase brand awareness for house products with up sells. These items can be promoted on product pages and with pop-up at checkout. Just let us know which products should be linked together!


Vol. 01 Recap

  • Automatic order reminder emails can increase
    order volume 40% and order size 9.5% (on average).

  • UPDATE – Customer Sheehan Brothers Vending have seen the order size increase by an average of 15%, with automatic order reminder emails resulting in 66% of orders placed!

  • Automatic order reminder email requirements: scheduled delivery dates
    and reminder lead time (# of days prior to order).

  • Google Analytics is a web analytics service that provides basic analytical tools for SEO and marketing purposes.

  • Google Analytics requirements: Google (Gmail) email address.

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T2S Online Ordering Features to Utilize Vol. 03
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