Private Cloud Services

Apps Run Better on our High Performance Private Cloud

Private Cloud Services

High-density colo with unparalleled performance, connectivity and multicloud flexibility.

Tech 2’s high-density cloud infrastructure is your destination for a high-performing, more secure and interconnected data center solution. Our strategically located, concurrently maintainable facility allows you to seamlessly power and scale your business.

Together with our team of experts and broad portfolio of cloud and network services, you’re not just getting power and space, but a solution and partner capable of pushing your IT strategy to new heights.

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Incredibly Secure

Security is our priority! Your data is secure, backed up and protected against outside attacks.

Ultra Fast

Servers are built with high speed processing power, memory and storage to ensure high performance.

Cloud Performance

Experience the scalability of the cloud. Add storage capacity, memory, make upgrades seemlessly.

Low Cost

No investment in servers, licenses and professional services to get up and running in no time.

Various Cloud Services to Fit Your Needs

QuickBooks Hosting

Enjoy one of the easiest to use, most popular and trusted accounting software on the market. With Tech 2 Success QuickBooks Hosting your team will be able to collaborate and boost productivity – all while having the peace of mind knowing that your data is protected and secure.
Boost Productivity

Leverage the ease of use and productivity features to seamlessly and easily increase output.

Stress Free

Get to know the user friendly and efficient accounting solution that countless companies around the world have come to rely on.

Easily Communicate

Clients, contractors and decision-makers stay on the same page with collaboration features that sync in real time.

VendMax Hosting

With Tech 2 Success’ high-speed VendMax Hosting, you can rest assured that your company will run smoothly and without issues. Operating in house SQL servers are huge security risks and likely not managed properly for speed.


Industry-leading cloud security ensures your data is secure and protected from ransomware and backup failures.


We use the latest technology and properly manage the SQL database for optimum performance that no other company can match. Run your favorite reports and functions without concerns of lockup or lag.

Industry Knowledge

Our team has technical and operational experience with VendMax for over 20 years. We know how to run VendMax optimally, organize your data best for your processes and integrate with other industry systems. Our team compliments the VendMax support team to provide you with a stress free vending management system.

LightSpeed Cloud Hosting

Upgrade your LightSpeed server by moving it to the Tech 2 Success Private Cloud.  There’s no need to have heavy duty servers in your facility.  

Synced and Up To Date

Run your LightSpeed system across multiple facilities without having to buy multiple servers. LightSpeed Enterprise also runs well on Tech 2 Success cloud servers.

Ultra Fast

No more having to deal with slow loading and performance with your LightSpeed Cloud Server Hosting.

Safe & Secure

Your data, content and assets will always be safe from prying eyes. Secure your entire operation from cyber attacks by eliminating servers in your facilities.

Shared File Services

The File Sharing Services at Tech 2 Success will be there when you need your files to be accessible, secure, and protected. No more headaches, having to find workarounds, or having to wonder if you are secure. Let us take that off your plate so you can focus on your business.
Easy File Sharing

Seamlessly share and receive files, quickly and conveniently with anyone you wish. Your team will use the same shared drives and file shares they are comfortable with in their current business but in a secure cloud environment.

Easily Restrict Access

Sensitive and private documents will stay that way with our security and monitoring protocols.

Fast Business Reliable

Your business needs its documents fast and, sometimes, at a moment's notice. You can rely on our file sharing services to be there when you need them the most.

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