Stop attacks with full visibility and analytics.

Cortex by Palo Alto

Sit back, relax and let Cortex XDR protect you.

Exceptional test results and praise from analysts and customers make it easy to trust Cortex XDR. Cortex XDR detects and stops the most advanced attacks to keep you safe.

Drive Better Security Outcomes

Proven Endpoint Protection

Block advanced malware, exploits and fileless attacks with the industry’s most comprehensive endpoint security stack. Our lightweight agent stops threats with Behavioral Threat Protection, AI and cloud-based analysis.

Laser-accurate Detection

Pinpoint evasive threats with patented behavioral analytics. Cortex XDR uses machine learning to profile behavior and detect anomalies indicative of attack. Analytics lets you spot adversaries attempting to blend in with legitimate users.

Lightning-fast Investigation and Response

Investigate threats quickly by getting a complete picture of each attack, including alerts, artifacts and MITRE tactics with incident management. You can view the root cause of any alert with a single click and swiftly stop attacks across your environment.

Deep Forensics & Flexible Response

Conduct deep internal and regulatory investigations, even if endpoints are not connected to the network. Block fast-moving attacks, isolate endpoints, execute scripts and sweep across your entire environment to contain threats in real time.

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