Hosted Exchange

Hosted Exchange

Multiple plans to suit your business needs, all plans include free migration & support.

Discover all the features in our Hosted Exchange solution. Just think how much easier it will be to schedule meetings with your colleagues and clients!

Work Smarter from Anywhere

Easily Accessible

Whether you are traveling or at home, you'll be able to access your email from anywhere at any time.

Loop Others In

Stay productive and share your calendar with everyone in your organization.


Keep the gears mobving with the ability to share and synchronize contacts.

Increase Productivity

Schedule and manage your tasks with features that will keep your organization focused and productive.

Focused Inbox

The Focused Inbox makes it easy to track email that matters most. Your inbox includes two tabs: Focused, for email you need to act on right away, and Other, for everything else. You can switch the tabs at any time and always see email flowing into Other 


Create resource mailboxes to manage conference rooms, projectors, laptops, etc.

Up To Date

Synchronize any of your mobile devices (iPhone, BlackBerry, Android…)

Decide Who Gets Access

Include people outside of your organization by easily sharing documents with public folders.

Peace of Mind

Remotely wipe any lost device so that no one else will have access to your important files.

Compare Calendars

Compare calendars to schedule meetings and access collaboration features, including shared calendars, groups, the global address list, external contacts, tasks, conference rooms, and delegation capabilities 

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