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Introducing OptConnect

  • 4G LTE Connectivity
  • All Inclusive Rate Plans
  • No Upfront Costs
  • Video Playback Works

Industry Report

The Advantages of Cellular Communication in Micro Market Deployment
Micro Market Connectivity Whitepaper

Wireless cellular communication has transformed the convenience services industry by lowering cost and increasing reliability. Learn how Cellular Communication can streamline deployment of new micro market locations, and reduce expenses across your portfolio.

Introducing OptConnect neo 2

Everything you loved about OptConnect neo, DOUBLED!

    • Nearly double the speed
    • Dual carrier auto failover
    • Dual ethernet ports

neo2 is a compact LTE Category 4 multi-carrier cellular router perfectly suited for kiosks, micro markets, digital signs and other applications that require high-speed connectivity and the peace of mind of redundant carrier connections. We’ve taken everything customers love about neo and made it twice as good.

Micro-Market operators are constantly facing delays in placements, unexpected telecom expenses and unnecessary surprises when the IT team makes a security change to the network.

Currently Micro-Market operators are forced to spend hundreds of dollars on a Router and then face large monthly fees added to their mobile contract. Think its not costing you much? Go check your cellular bills!

Tech 2 Success offers an all in one solution to this problem with OptConnect wireless technology!

Close your deals faster!

Install and start earning revenue faster!

Eliminate the high up front costs and networking challenges!

Introducing The Gemini Antenna!

4G LTE works best with two antennas. A cellular connection can be made with just one antenna, however the second antenna helps stabilize the connection especially in low coverage areas and also improves upload and download speeds. When using two separate antennas, the spacing between the two is critical for optimal performance.

The great thing about this new smart antenna technology is that the spacing between the two antennas inside the case has been engineered for maximum performance. This Gemini antenna is referred to as a MIMO (Multiple In Multiple Out).

The Gemini ships with all orders!

How can OptConnect help my Micro-Market Business?

Close Deals Faster!

No need to ask for IT!
No additional decision makers!
Sign 2 weeks sooner!

Install Faster

No need to wait for connectivity!
No troubleshooting with IT staff!
Install 2 weeks sooner!

Reduce Service Calls!

70%+ of support calls are connectivity!
Eliminate Finger Pointing!
Eliminate Downtime!

OptConnect Wireless Kiosk Technology

Tech 2 Success is an authorized reseller of OptConnect wireless kiosk technology. With its cost savings, ease of deployment, and reliability, OptConnect’s innovative wireless solutions set the standard in kiosk wireless connectivity.

OptConnect is designed for micro-markets. Our proprietary technology ensures that the device will not only maintain connectivity at the highest positions in the cell tower, they also have self healing properties that will ensure the highest possible up time.

OptConnect neo

3G is Going Away in 2019! Let us help you migrate to 4G headache free!

OptConnect Summit Portal

Powerful cloud-based wireless device management system provides:
1.) Monitoring of signal strength
2.) Remote resetting of devices
3.) Alerts of connectivity issues

24/7 Device & Network Monitoring:

In addition to Micro-Markets, Tech 2 Success offers OptConnect solutions in the following areas:

ATM’s – Kiosks – Office Internet Failover – Point of Sale – Digital Signs – Smart Safes – Custom Solutions


Tech 2 Success and the OptConnect team are committed to helping you reduce the time required to install a Micro-Market and reduce the increase expenses on routers and monthly cellular services.

Please fill out the form on this page or call our New York City based office to learn how Tech 2 Success and OptConnect can help you reduce you Micro-Market connectivity headaches!
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