T2S Online Ordering Features to Utilize [Vol. 09]

T2S Online Ordering Features to Utilize [Vol. 09]

Your online store is set up, but are you taking advantage of the best in Ecommerce features and functionality? In this blog post we will be reviewing our newest features: Bevi Well Integration, Autoprune Orders and Updated Order History by Location. We will also go over Email Notes, Online Ordering Scorecards, and the Q1 2024 Promotional Opportunities.

Bevi Well Integration

Autoprune Orders

  • Keep your OCS site relevant by deleting older orders after a certain date.
  • Configure a period of time that order history will be kept online for users to view and orders older than that timeframe are automatically deleted from the web.

Updated Order History by Location

  • Online OCS users are now able to view order history of orders placed by other users with access to the same ordering location.
  • This allows a new user on the site to be able to see previously placed orders for their location and eliminates the need to transfer order history to substitute users.

Vol. 08 Recap

Order notes – Order Notes Can Now be included in the Order Confirmation Email Subjects! Easily search and filter order confirmation emails by order notes.

Online Ordering Scorecards can let you know where your online ordering store stands in terms of users, delivery points/locations, and features enabled.

Upcoming OCS Promotions to Consider:

  • January – National Hot Tea Month, National Gourmet Coffee Day, National Hot Chocolate Day
  • February – Cold & Flu Season, National Dark Chocolate Day, National Bubble Gum Day, National Latte Day, Valentine’s Day (can combine with any other promotion)
  • March – Spring Cleaning, March Madness (“March Mania”), National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day, National Oreo Cookie Day, St. Patrick’s Day, World Water Day


T2S Online Ordering Features to Utilize Vol. 10 Coming April 2024!

Coming April 2024!


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