Are you thinking about changing your TV and Internet provider? Part Two. “Now we know the Difference”

We have been with Verizon for a couple of months now and we have a good understanding of the Advantages and Disadvantages of switching from Comcast to Verizon.

You may find as we did there is a learning curve with a few things. I will break it down and hopefully you will be able to determine what provider you will prefer.


  1. The DVR functionality is much more user friendly. With Comcast you need only search for your show under the menu function then select the show and hit the record button on the remote. It will then go through a few standard questions such as “Reruns or New” With Verizon you must find the show on the “Guide” in order to record to DVR. This is a problem if your show is on Hiatus for a couple of months. Imagine hitting forward for two months in advance.
  2. Comcast has a lighted remote. Verizon does not offer this. If you are a techy you can incorporate grand technological remotes that are programed from your PC and have lights and lots of other features. But if you are not then you will have a tough time finding a Generic replacement remote that controls the Verizon box and is lighted.
  3. Comcast will likely be a little cheaper than Verizon. Our Verizon salesman made a mistake….. I hope in telling me the cost would be the same. I insisted to him that if we switched we would either like to pay less or the same. We now pay 15 Dollars more a month for Verizon.


  1. The picture Quality is much better with Verizon. I saw right away that the detail and quality of the image was better with Verizon.
  2. There are more channels that we will actually watch. Of course, there are many that we will not. And this is a slight edge to Comcast in the regard that you can set Favorites in the Comcast menu so that you do not have to see channels you wont watch. Verizon does not have this capability. Though both offer parental control.
  3. Verizon has the option to setup Netflix. To be fair so does Comcast but the ease of access and functionality is more fluid with Netflix on Verizon.
  4. Streaming from WIFI connected devices via Verizon. No longer do you need a Chrome-cast or other devices to stream from your phone. As long as your Phone or Tablet is connected to the Verizon WIFI you can stream to any box in the house. The boxes are programmed with the description of the room they are in and when you open YouTube for example on your phone there will be a menu to stream to any box in the house.

In Conclusion you will find during your own research there are many other features that Verizon has over Comcast that I did not mention, such as you can pause a show on any TV with Verizon if you have 1 Verizon DVR, with Comcast you must have 2 DVR’s.

You will find there are other things that you will need to make sure you address before you switch. Such as make sure that if you have a land line make sure you reiterate the importance of porting your existing number it over. Our Salesman gave us an automatically generated number despite our request to keep the same number.

You may find as I did that with ISP and TV providers switching is a bit of a headache but necessary to either save money or get more features. In my Opinion currently, Verizon has the edge with the features and is comparable with price though a little more expensive. Who knows though in a couple of years we could be talking about Google TV and internet.

Thank You for your time.

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