Security Week – Vulnerable Servers in your office

No matter how secure you think your server in your office is, there is no chance that it is as secure as a server in the cloud. Small business IT teams generally do not have the exposure to enterprise level security required to combat cyber-threats and proactively prevent them. For this reason alone, it makes sense to move your servers to the cloud.

Two New Vulnerabilities to your Security

Spectre Meltdown
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Two new vulnerabilities, Meltdown and Spectre, have been wreaking havoc on chip makers Intel, AMD, Qualcomm, and ARM, cloud providers including Amazon and Google and device manufacturers including Apple and HP. Yes, the server in your office is also susceptible to these vulnerabilities. There are patches that have been developed, however the fixes involve routing data for processing in less efficient ways therefore implementing all of these updates could cause performance issues on your server.

This Forbes article provides links to the fixes from each of the hardware and software providers. Krebs on Security reports “Microsoft this week released emergency updates to address Meltdown and Spectre in its various Windows operating systems. But the software giant reports that the updates aren’t playing nice with many antivirus products; the fix apparently is causing the dreaded “blue screen of death” (BSOD) for some antivirus users.”

Your IT team needs to develop a plan now to update your servers and systems to address Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities to your company’s network security.

Watch this video to understand Meltdown & Spectre

Use the Cloud to Improve Security

Secure CloudConsider operating your businesses’ systems in the cloud. Using virtual terminals permits businesses to manage their desktop environments in a secure cloud environment. All applications are managed on a central secure server in the cloud. The only software required on the desktop computers are the operating system and anti-virus software. By eliminating the need to install applications on desktop computers, the opportunity for ransomware, malware and viruses to attack is greatly reduced.

You’re almost there

Most companies are operating numerous components of their business in the cloud already. If you are using a SaaS/hosted application or are sharing your files in a cloud based app, you are already comfortable with a hosted environment. The next step is to move all of the system processing to the cloud to eliminate the need for applications on your desktops and reduce the security vulnerability of your business significantly. If you think because you use a browser based back end system that you are cloud based, you’re only part of the way there. A truly cloud based infrastructure eliminates the need to run any application on your desktop pc’s.

Take advantage of enterprise level security

Palo Alto Networks FirewallsCloud providers invest in top of the line security devices and keep them up to date. Tech 2 Success recently invested in Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform, enabling secure web access for all users. This implementation of devices and services identifies and protects against malware the same day that it is identified across the globe. Unauthorized transfers of files and sensitive data are limited, safely enabling non-work-related web surfing. Many attacks are related to non-work-related web surfing.

Many companies are currently being plagued by ransomware attacks that are being downloaded in e-mails on local computers and have local IT teams scratching their heads. These cyber-threats move across the local network and attack local computers and servers. Applications require access to Internet resources more than ever for integrations and provide increased exposure to cyber-threats. By moving ALL of you applications to the cloud, the threat footprint will be greatly reduced by blocking known and unknown threats in the cloud.

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To discuss how you can eliminate your on premise servers and significantly reduce your exposure to threats and vulnerabilities, regardless of how many locations you operate, contact Tech 2 Success for a free consultation.

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