LastPass Data Breach

If you or your company uses LastPass, be aware of a security breach of their Amazon Web Services storage that included copies of YOUR password vault.  While LastPass claims that the data remains encrypted and protected by your master password, they recommend that if your vault’s master password does not meet their strongest password recommendations, you should change passwords.  We recommend the following for all LastPass users.

  • Enable Multi Factor Authentications on all possible logins
  • Immediately change passwords to a completely new password for all financial, banking, e-mail, office, and social media sites.
  • Migrate from LastPass to a different password management tool such as 1Password.
  • Disable and uninstall LastPass after migrating

If you are a user of their parent company, GoTo’s other products, such as GoTo My PC & LogMeIn, which are likely stored in the same AWS instance, please change passwords on those applications immediately as well.

If you need help migrating to a new password manager or have questions, please contact us and we are pleased to help.

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