3G Shutdown is almost here. Are you ready for the 3G sunset?

3G Sunset
With Verizon shutting down their 3G network in December to make room for their 5G expansion, millions of 3G devices are set to go dark and be unable to connect to the internet. Make sure your devices are ready before the shutdown with OptConnect’s 4G and 5G solutions.

How do I upgrade?

OptConnect makes upgrading your old 3G devices easy. If you are an existing customer on our OpEx model, our lifetime warranty gives you a path to 4G devices for free. If you’re a new customer we can help you upgrade to a plug and play 4G solution in just a few easy steps:
  1. Contact us so we can discuss how much data your device consumes and what devices are being connected.
  2. Sign a proposal and submit your order. In many cases we can ship orders out the same day.
  3. Plug in your new devices and get your machines back online.
  4. Our 24/7/365 customer care team will support you with any questions or issues you might have.
That’s it. An easy, painless, upgrade solution to make sure that your devices stay connected. So don’t wait, contact us today.
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