How to Identify a 2G/3G OptConnect Device

OptConnect makes it simple to identify what type of cellular device is in your equipment.

To check your OptConnect device, simply look on the back of the unit and find the model number as shown in the photos below. Near the top right hand side of the label you will find the model number.

The first number after the “OC-“ on the label will tell you what cellular technology is inside of that unit.





Most 4G units will also include a 4G LTE sticker


If you see any of these model numbers on your devices, they are 2G/3G and will need to be upgraded to 4G:
OC-250, OC-3250, OC-3251, OC-3252, OC-3500, OC-3501, OC-500

If you have any questions about whether your device is 3G or 4G, contact the OptConnect Customer Care Center anytime at (877) 678-3343 x3.

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