Episode 18 – Larry Ludwig offers expert SEO advice

Web expert and Internet Entrepreneur Larry Ludwig offers actionable tips for improving your company’s SEO and search engine results.  

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Key Takeaways

Write quality, consumer focused content for best SEO results.

  • Content is a top priority and your web site’s content needs to be unique, genuine and designed with your customer in mind.
  • Larry’s SEO for Writers course is available to help your team improve the content of your web site and blog posts without the underlying technical infrastructure of the web site.
  • Align with customer intent. Focus content on where your customer is in the sales funnel. Your sales and marketing team can help align your content to the buyers’ journey.
  • Update content for accuracy and relevancy often. You may not have to write new content if you can update existing content.

Don’t try to “game” Google.

  • Watch for “hucksters” selling SEO services. $99/mo. services. You are better served hiring a copywriter.
  • Avoid SEO services that take content from another client and update it for you.
  • Google will penalize you for duplicating content, even if a few items are changed.
  • Back links from other web sites are still important but content is the differentiator.
  • “You don’t have to outrun the bear, just others in your field.” See what your competitors are doing and implement your strategy accordingly.

Use paid search to validate your investment in organic SEO.

  • Paid search for a certain keyword may validate the value of spending 6 months or more to rank organically for that keyword.
  • Create separate landing pages for paid ads. They can be more transactional, where SEO landing pages require value added information in order for Google to rank you.
  • To create a paid ad budget, just start! Buy your own company name for low expense.
  • Invest in remarketing so your ad is shown to visitors of your web site when they are on Facebook, social media apps and other web sites.
  • Local businesses may be able to leverage low cost ad spend vs limited or incompetent competitors

Start tracking SEO results now!

  • It’s important to start monitoring your web sites results and begin using tools like Google Analytics to gauge your current standing.
  • Quickly graduate to professional tools such as Ahrefs to further analyze your success as well as your position vs. your competition.
  • Larger organizations serious about search results and ad spend can leverage Woopra to fully optimize every touch point in your customer’s experience.

The SEO for Writers course focuses on how non technical content writers can create good content and be found on Google rather than the underlying technology necessary for web sites to perform for SEO.

Listen for more great tips on improving your company’s Internet marketing strategy.

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