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John Hickey has been exposed to the ups and downs of business management, climbing the career ladder and starting multiple businesses. In this business podcast, John shares tools that helped him manage better, achieve success and handle bad situations.

We will touch on subjects in business, technology, sports and family life. If you are running your own business or managing a team for an organization, this podcast will hit home for you. Gain practical methods for improving work life balance while achieving more in business.

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Previous Episodes & Show Notes

Episode 14 – Data is everywhere. What data is important to you?

Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Business Intelligence (B.I.) are becoming household names and are being associated with every report writer and new technology being introduced today. While businesses can leverage A.I. & B.I. to transform growth, most businesses are neglecting to use simple data from daily operations to measure and track service levels, tech…

Episode 13 – LIVE! Sometimes doing less is more. The riches are in the niches.

In this first Live recorded version of the podcast, John discusses how his business partners decided to reduce the amount of custom projects sold and focus on standard lines of business.  How many of us have that one piece of business that consumes our resources or margins and we continually allow it to distract us?…

Episode 12 – Expect the Unexpected to Better Process Unplanned Change

The only guarantee is that things will change. This is true of your career and business and in your home life. We discuss how an unplanned change due to my son’s shift from baseball to bowling impacts my schedule and free time and may be impacting productivity. There are some things we can do to…

Episode 11 – Spring Cleaning, LetGo, Ebay & Amazon

Spring is a great time of year to get another fresh start on business goals and also on personal goals. Its time to have a planning session to review your goals and adjust your plan to get back on track. We discuss how to use the LetGo app and Ebay to turn some things around…

Episode 10 – Voicemail has no place in a voice driven world

Based on the feedback from the previous episode, we learned that most people prefer communicating via text message. We also learned that people overwhelmingly despise voicemail. How ironic that in an age becoming dominated by Alex, Siri and Google Home and countless voice recognition services that the recorded voice has become an annoyance. In this…

Episode 9 – Communicating More Effectively & Expanding How You Can be Contacted

Have you ever missed out on something because you weren’t communicated with effectively or have you heard the excuse, “Nobody told me!” from your team or family. Odd are it can be avoided with over communication. Communication is a two way street and not only do we need to understand that not everyone is responsive…

Episode 8 – Tips to get started protecting yourself and your business from hackers

Cyber criminals are working 24/7 to infiltrate your e-mail, social media accounts and business networks. Although most people say that data security is a high priority to them, their behavior does not match their sentiments. In this episode, we review simple ways to start protecting yourself and your business from cyber criminals that will greatly…

Episode 7 – Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone can hold you back from trying an activity that will provide you with great joy and have a positive impact on your relationships at home and at work. After discussing some scenarios where John was able to step outside his comfort zone, we review steps you can take to improve your chances…

Episode 6 – Complaints are a Gift! Convert a Complaint into an Opportunity.

After receiving a complaint from a customer, we are given the opportunity to regroup, restart and show our best work. Only 1 in 25 dissatisfied customers will ever complain. The same may be true for unhappy employees. We discuss how to receive a complaint and create an action plan to solve the issue at root…

Episode 5 – LinkedIn and Wine Tasting selections from Piedmont, Italy.

How well people know you dictates whether or not they will say hello to you or approach you when you meet in public. John discusses how his use of LinkedIn to tell his story lead to memorable in person encounters at a wine tasting at his son’s school. Listen for tips and the strategy for…

Episode 4 – Focus, Emotional Intelligence & Exercising Empathy

We underestimate how much personal information everyone is exposed to throughout the workday and how that affects everyone’s mood and focus throughout the day. We discuss self awareness, emotional intelligence, exercising empathy and using focus to achieve greater empathy.

Episode 3 – Flat Lined Friday & How to Leverage 7 Habits & GTD tips

John discusses how an attempt to take a day with an empty calendar backfired. He applies some of the teachings from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People course by Stephen Covey and the book Getting Things Done by David Allen to create a plan for a productive work week. These concepts, adjusted for our…

Episode 2 – NRF Show, Alibaba, AmazonGo & A.I.

This episode is a discussion on some of the very cool innovations from the 2019 NRF (National Retail Federation) Show. John discusses how Alibaba stole the show from the big brands on the main floor, how generic versions of AmazonGo stores will have a hard time deploying, due to operations, not technology and how some…

Episode 1 – Podcast Introduction

This episode is an introduction to the podcast and the host, John Hickey. After a brief background, John introduces listeners to his business and personal history and reviews the goals of the podcast. For anyone who is a manager, business owner, self employed, coaching youth sports, struggling with work life balance. This is for you.

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