OptConnect Micro-Market Connectivity.

Micro-Market operators are constantly facing delays in placements, unexpected telecom expenses and unnecessary surprises when the IT team makes a security change to the network.

Currently Micro-Market operators are forced to spend hundreds of dollars on a Router and then face large monthly fees added to their mobile contract. Think its not costing you much? Go check your cellular bills!

Tech 2 Success offers an all in one solution to this problem with OptConnect wireless technology!

  • Close your deals faster!
  • Install and start earning revenue faster!
  • Eliminate the high up front costs and networking challenges!
“Hi John and Morgan,

I just wanted to send you guys a message to say thanks for all your help with getting our first micro market up and running. We set one location on Tuesday and the 2nd yesterday, and so far they are working great! When our customer first told us that we would have to find our own way to get Internet I was pretty freaked out, especially with there being no landline internet services at all in that area (other than fiber at $450/mo.). I look forward to working with you all in the future for any additional markets we may open.


D.J. Campion, Kwik Kafe Co., Inc., Bluefield, VA

How can OptConnect help my Micro-Market Business?

Reduce Costs!

– No Upfront Cost!
– Low Monthly Rates from $50/mo!
– Lifetime Warranty!

Reliable Connectivity

– Choose carrier by location
– 4G LTE Network
– Signal strenghth indicator on device

Watch Video over Cellular!

Tech 2 Success worked with OptConnect to provide plug & play installation and allow video playback in your Micro-Markets!


OptConnect Wireless Kiosk Technology

Tech 2 Success is an authorized reseller of OptConnect wireless kiosk technology. With its cost savings, ease of deployment, and reliability, OptConnect’s innovative wireless solutions set the standard in kiosk wireless connectivity.

Stop spending capital on Cradle Point devices and increasing your monthly cell phone bill for a sub standard solution! OptConnect is designed for micro-markets, set up to deliver video and priced to eliminate up front costs and high monthly fees!

OptConnect Portal

Powerful cloud-based wireless device management system provides:
1.) Monitoring of signal strength
2.) Remote resetting of devices
3.) Alerts of connectivity issues

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Additional Details:

OptConnect OC4500 or neo 4G LTE Router

  • < 3GB: $50/mo.standard micro-market package
  • < 5GB: $80/mo.for greater video requirements
  • > 5GB: add $15 per GB

OptReboot remote reboot device

  • The OptReboot service is powered by the OptConnect Portal cloud-based monitoring system, allowing access and control from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. Rebooting the machine is a simple click of the software’s “OptReboot” button.
  • Hardware Price – $159.00
  • Monthly Fee – $2.00
  • Lease Option – $6.00/month includes hardware and monthly recurring fees.

24/7 Device & Network Monitoring:


In addition to Micro-Markets, Tech 2 Success offers OptConnect solutions in the following areas:

ATM’s – Kiosks – Office Internet Failover – Point of Sale – Digital Signs – Smart Safes – Custom Solutions


Tech 2 Success and the OptConnect team are committed to helping you reduce the time required to install a Micro-Market and reduce the increase expenses on routers and monthly cellular services.

Please fill out the form on this page or call our New York City based office to learn how Tech 2 Success and OptConnect can help you reduce you Micro-Market connectivity headaches!
(347) 409-5392

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