Now in its 18th year, Cybersecurity Awareness Month, previously known as National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, continues to raise awareness about the importance of cybersecurity across our Nation, ensuring that all Americans have the resources they need to be safer and more secure online.

Tech 2 Success is focusing this month of October to help you improve your company’s Cybersecurity awareness and protection. You can take easy and sometimes FREE steps to make sure your systems are secure and your data is safe.

Browse through each of these areas to ensure that your company’s systems and data are safe. Our team is offering a FREE self-assessment to help you identify potential holes in your business.  No sales gimmicks or follow up harassments. Use this tool to see where you can improve.  If you need help, we’re here to help you get secure.

Secure Your Facilities

  • Is your Firewall less than 3 years old?
  • Do you subscribe to the Advanced Security Licensing for your firewall?
  • Are updates applied regularly to software and firmware?

Did you answer YES to ALL of the questions?

Secure Your Website

  • Is your website protected against DDoS attacks with CloudFlare?
  • Do you have a backup of your website?
  • Do you have re-captcha implemented?
  • Do you have https:// encryption implemented?
  • Is your web site hosting actively managed by a professional?

Did you answer YES to ALL of the questions?

OptConnect neo2

Secure Your Remote Connectivity

  • Have you replaced all 3G devices?
  • Are your 4G connections on individual private IP Addresses?
  • Are your devices’ software actively upgraded?
  • Are your devices’ firmware actively upgraded?
  • Are port settings managed for optimal security and access control?

Did you answer YES to ALL of the questions?

Hint: If you use OptConnect, the answer is YES!

Secure Your Systems

  • Have you eliminated ALL servers from your facility?
  • Are all of your users’ files stored in a secure file server?
  • Do your remote users access the network via secure VPN tunnels?
  • Have you eliminated all Windows XP & Windows 7 PC’s?
  • Do you have zero day malware & intrusion protection implemented and managed?

Did you answer YES to ALL of the questions?

Secure Cloud

Secure Your Passwords

  • Have you implemented multi-factor authentication everywhere possible?
  • Do you use a password manager like LastPass?
  • Does every user have their own account (no shared logins)?
  • Do you use different passwords for business & personal items? Financial & general sites?
  • Are your passwords unique and long?
  • Have you changed your passwords in the past year?
  • Have you reviewed your user list to ensure employees no longer employed are removed?

Did you answer YES to ALL of the questions?

Secure Your Backup

  • Is every workstation backed up and protected against ransomware?
  • Do you have a backup policy for your files and databases?
  • Have you implemented a secure backup like Veeam or Backblaze?
  • Is your local backup stored on a different network than your files?
  • Have you tested your backup in the past 6 months?
  • Do you monitor alerts from your backup system?

Did you answer YES to ALL of the questions?

Secure Your MS 365 Office Apps

  • Have you implemented a backup system for Office 365 like Veeam?
  • Have you created separate admin accounts from users?
  • Have you implemented MS Advanced Threat Protection?
  • Have you implemented Multi-factor Authentication on user accounts?
  • Have you adjusted the standard Office 365 settings to improve overall security instead of the default settings?

Did you answer YES to ALL of the questions?

Secure Your Computers

  • Have you implemented an antivirus and antimalware program on all pc’s and servers?
  • Are antivirus subscriptions kept up to date?
  • Do you regularly monitor and update Windows Updates?
  • Do you monitor and update all other applications as required?
  • Have you eliminated Windows XP & Windows 7 machines from your network?

Did you answer YES to ALL of the questions?

Secure Your E-Mail

  • Have you implemented multi-factor authentication on your e-mail accounts?
  • Have you implemented <external> tags to prevent spoofing?
  • Are your spam filters managed to blacklist bad domains?
  • Have employees been communicated with about avoiding clicking on external links?
  • Are you using a cloud based e-mail service like Microsoft or Google?

Did you answer YES to ALL of the questions?

You're doing a great job securing your data!

If you’ve answered yes to all these questions, you really do have a good handle on your company’s cyber security. If you’d like to keep improving cyber security for your company, please schedule a FREE Security Assessment with our team.

For further reading on free things you can do to improve the cyber security in your business, check out this recent post to prevent ransomware in your business.

The US CISA (Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency) also offers free resources here for your team to ensure your company takes a serious approach to cybersecurity.


We want you to rest easy knowing your data is secure!

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